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Green Cleaning

Over the last 75 years, we have established solid relationships with all of our vendors; it is one of the keys to our success in today’s marketplace. Our suppliers understand our needs and the often unique requirements of our customers. Looking for something special? Chances are, one of the Wels has seen it, used it, heard about it, and knows where to get it. It’s one of the things that make us special. Need us to stock a specific product for you? Need just one case? No problem. The variety of chemicals and products that we offer is rivaled by few. It’s what we do to meet the demands of our customers. 

Our chemical line encompasses more than 75 years of contractor tested and tried formulations. As a manufacturer, our relationships with polymer and detergent manufacturers puts us in a unique position to quickly evaluate and introduce innovative, cost and labor saving products long before our competition even knows the technology exists. And you, our customer, are routinely involved in the evaluation of new products as we continue to develop the newest cleaning technologies that create safer and healthier building interiors and a more sustainable environment. Green Cleaning Since 1995, Twi-Laq has been at the forefront of the Green Cleaning movement. Over the last fifteen years, green cleaning products has achieved the highest and most consistent growth of any of our product lines. We are incredibly well positioned to help our customers implement their Green Cleaning initiatives.

Twi-Laq manufactures its own branded line of Green Seal, Ecologo and EPA’s DFE certified floor care products. We work to understand your needs as it relates to Green Cleaning and create a strategically tailored program help you implement your company specific Green Cleaning initiatives on any and every level. 40% of the points required for LEED-EB certification can be achieved through the implementation of a Green Cleaning program. Twi-Laq will work with you through a series of on-site inspections to identify areas of concern and the corrective measures required to achieve points towards certification. Twi-Laq has helped countless BSC’s, hospitals, educational facilities, and management companies implement their green cleaning initiatives through our extensive product offerings and site specific training and educational programs.