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About Us

Our Mission

  • Honesty, Dependability and Loyalty.
  • Manufacturing High Quality, innovative and advanced cleaning chemicals.
  • Helping our customers purchase the right solutions to fit their needs.
  • Protecting our planet and our natural resources.
  • Providing a Strong practice of personal service and individual attention to each of our customers.



Since the 1920’s, the Wels family has been involved in the manufacturing of fine waxes, shellac, soaps and detergents. Since its founding in 1935, Twi-Laq has been owned and operated by the Wels family. In 2006, Twi-Laq relocated its entire operation to the Hunts Point region of the Bronx, where a new, modern manufacturing and distribution facility was constructed. Today, Twi-Laq remains uniquely positioned in the distribution marketplace as one of the very few manufacturers that sell direct to its customer base, which includes Building Service Contractors, Healthcare and Educational Facilities, Real Estate Management companies, and the Hospitality Industry on an international scale. 

Today, the Sun-Glo Brand of World Class Cleaning Products continually exceeds the expectations of our customers. The Sun-Glo brand, which has been a staple in the North East market since the 1950’s, continues, through constant development and innovation, Sun-Glo name still represents some of the finest products manufactured in the cleaning industry today.

Product Selection

 Over the last 75 years, we have established solid relationships with all of our vendors; it is one of the keys to our success in today’s marketplace. Our suppliers understand our needs and the often unique requirements of our customers. Looking for something special? Chances are, one of the Wels has seen it, used it, heard about it, and knows where to get it. It’s one of the things that make us special. Need us to stock a specific product for you? Need just one case? No problem. The variety of chemicals and products that we offer is rivaled by few. It’s what we do to meet the demands of our customers.

Our chemical line encompasses more than 75 years of contractor tested and tried formulations. As a manufacturer, our relationships with polymer and detergent manufacturers puts us in a unique position to quickly evaluate and introduce innovative, cost and labor saving products long before our competition even knows the technology exists. And you, our customer, are routinely involved in the evaluation of new products as we continue to develop the newest cleaning technologies that create safer and healthier building interiors and a more sustainable environment. Green Cleaning Since 1995, Twi-Laq has been at the forefront of the Green Cleaning movement. Over the last fifteen years, green cleaning products has achieved the highest and most consistent growth of any of our product lines. We are incredibly well positioned to help our customers implement their Green Cleaning initiatives.

Twi-Laq manufactures its own branded line of Green Seal, Ecologo and EPA’s DFE certified floor care products. We work to understand your needs as it relates to Green Cleaning and create a strategically tailored program help you implement your company specific Green Cleaning initiatives on any and every level. 40% of the points required for LEED-EB certification can be achieved through the implementation of a Green Cleaning program. Twi-Laq will work with you through a series of on-site inspections to identify areas of concern and the corrective measures required to achieve points towards certification. Twi-Laq has helped countless BSC’s, hospitals, educational facilities, and management companies implement their green cleaning initiatives through our extensive product offerings and site specific training and educational programs.

Quality Control

Twi-Laq boasts a warehouse and manufacturing crew with an average employment of over 15 years. Over the years, as raw materials have developed, our raw material suppliers continuously work with our manufacturing personnel refining our various manufacturing process to ensure the performance of our products can be repeated with every batch. We stock all of our most popular floor finishes, strippers and cleaners. Specialty and custom blended chemicals are made as needed in controlled batches and shipped out as ordered. Twi-Laq performs a variety of in-house lab tests to ensure each product’s efficacy before a single gallon ever gets filled. Our suppliers, many of whom help in the formulation of our finished goods, function as an additional level of quality control. We consistently send out our finished goods for more thorough testing to ensure the final product always meets all formulation and performance standards. For our customers, Twi-Laq utilizes Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for listing its most popular floor care products as to slip resistance, a process that some of our competitors deem too costly and unnecessary. We feel that it's your guarantee of true safety and quality. Underwriters Laboratory comes into our plant several times a year, unannounced, to draw samples of our floor finish for testing. Since our inception, we have maintained a perfect record with UL inspectors, the DEP, OSHA, and the EPA. UL listing is an additional assurance of quality of the products we manufacture. Distributors can have any manufacturer put their labels on any product. There is no guarantee that you are getting the same product from one month to the next, never mind a product from the same manufacturer. With Twi-Laq and Sun-Glo you get consistency, the same product you received last month, and the same one you will receive next time, every time, you place your with us; with the same quality control and technical support.


The key to success for the implementation of any cleaning program is training. As the manufacturer, there is no one more familiar with the proper use of our chemicals that the trainers that make up our implementation and training teams. Twi-Laq routinely conducts on-site training seminars on numerous subjects such as proper floor care, carpet care, stone care and restroom cleaning. During these classes we cover the chemical make-up, proper product use/dilution, and safety/MSDS training. When working with Green Products, we stress the positive effect that the use of these products, specifically the EnviroCare line of products, mean to the individual cleaner’s health and well being. Additionally, Twi-Laq conducts safety training for all the products we sell, regardless of the manufacturer. As part of our contract with Marriott, we have conducted stone care training seminars in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America and are available to conduct (or arrange) for training seminars in any region across the country on virtually any topic. Our numerous vendors make themselves available, where they too will conduct on-site product or equipment training seminars. There are also numerous training and certification schools offered by many of our manufacturer partners. We can arrange attendance at many of these schools/classes for your corporate personnel, many which carry industry certifications.


Twi-Laq delivers to our customers’ locations throughout New York City, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut via our corporate run trucks. Our 24-48 hour delivery window ensures that your orders arrive when they’re needed the most…right away. For locations outside of our direct delivery area, shipments are made via common carriers. 


In 2006, coinciding with its move to the Bronx, Twi-Laq implemented a new industry specialized computer system. In addition to having EDI and online ordering capabilities, the system was chosen for its extensive reporting capabilities.

Twi-Laq maintains the ability to analyze virtually every aspect of your purchases; from location specific orders down to which location purchased a specific product, to the impact of price changes. With Twi-Laq you’ll have the ability to manage your purchases on a global basis whether orders are generated at the corporate or site level.



Twi-Laq works through a system of contract pricing for virtually all the items we supply to our customers. We work with you to monitor your purchases so that we may recommend alternatives that promote increased production and savings. We work with both you and our suppliers to negotiate specific contracts based on your specific needs, many of which can be implemented nationwide. Pricing will always be fair and competitive and represents the effect of a highly competitive New York Metropolitan market.

Since Twi-Laq manufactures and sells direct, you see the benefits of dealing with the manufacturer in our formulations. Each and every formula is created with performance in mind, not price. This is evidenced in the highest dilution ratios for our cleaners and strippers and in the quality of our floor finishes. We know what you need, because we work with you in the field, not in a lab; we understand what you want, because we listen.

Key Personnel and Company History

Arthur Wels founded the company in 1935. His background, having worked for his father, was the manufacturing of shellac and varnish coatings and the detergents used to clean them. Arthur began manufacturing cleaners and degreasers along with wax based coatings in his small factory selling to both cleaning contractors and other distributors within the New York City limits.

In 1955, the business was moved to a larger facility in Brooklyn allowing for expanded capacity and distribution to distributors. In 1966, after graduating from Babson College, and three years in the Navy, Lorin Wels joined his father at Twi-Laq. After spending his first years learning the manufacturing process, Lorin worked in sales expanding the geographic area that Twi-Laq serviced. He was also the force behind the change in the direction of the business as he began focusing on sales direct to end-users as well as transforming the company from a manufacturer to a full service janitorial supply distributor. Lorin currently serves as Twi-Laq’s President.

Robert is Twi-Laq’s CFO, and is responsible for all of Twi-Laq’s manufacturing processes and finished product quality control. He joined his father and brother in the business in 1967 after graduating from SUNY Buffalo. He continued his education after joining the company to enhance his chemistry knowledge as he focused on the manufacturing side of Twi-Laq working to refine the company’s manufacturing processes.

The fourth Generation of the Wels family are all currently working at Twi-Laq managing the company’s day to day operations as the business continues to expand with new opportunities.

Steven Wels joined Twi-Laq in 1994 after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis. He is currently Twi-Laq’s Sales Manager, responsible for many of Twi-Laq’s largest BSC customers. Steven also creates and manages the training and installation programs for Green Cleaning and Stone Care that Twi-Laq implements for its customers and is one of Twi-Laq’s certified Green Cleaning Professionals and currently oversees the company’s New York State janitorial contract.

Sanford Wels joined Twi-Laq in 1995 after graduating from the University of Hartford. He currently oversees ground shipment logistics and the equipment repair department.

In 2001, after graduating Syracuse University and spending nine years in the Information Technology field, Jonathan Wels joined the family at Twi-Laq. His previous work in sales, marketing and e-commerce at Neo Generations, Institute for International Bankers, and BPAI has been extremely valuable in today’s marketplace. In additional to his marketing functions, Jonathan’s focus is on Twi-Laq’s National Accounts base including Outback Corporation, K-Mart, Performance Food Group, Burlington Coat Factory, and the contractors that maintain these national chains. Jonathan is another of Twi-Laq’s Certified Green Cleaning Professionals.

In 2006, David Wels joined the rest of the Wels family at Twi-Laq after graduating from Binghamton University and spending 9 years in eCommerce database management for a fortune 500 medical and dental supply company. David currently oversees all resale and raw material purchasing, manufacturing, QA, QC, delivery/freight logistics and online and direct marketing. He is also responsible for all state, city and federal safety and regulatory reporting with the EPA, DEP, Underwriter's Laboratories, Green Seal, Ecologo, and UL Environment.

There are over 120 years of combined experience in the Wels family watching over every aspect of the company’s operations and, a Wels is involved with every customer with whom we do business.



1345 Seneca Ave.
Bronx, NY 10474

Twi-Laq’s history is filled with a long list of noteworthy customers including, The NYC Board of Education, New York City Housing Authority, Marriott International, Rockefeller Center, the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority, Co-Op City, Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, and numerous school districts throughout Long Island and New Jersey, as well as numerous large colleges and universities in the tri-state area. Our products are currently used to clean and maintain K-Mart, Outback Steakhouse and Bonefish Grill, Burlington Coat Factory, and virtually every supermarket chain in the New York Metropolitan area including Waldbaums, Shop Rite, Stop and Shop, Walgreens, and others. We’ve worked with many of the largest cleaning contractors including, ABM, ISS, FSG, Control, USI, and others. We look forward to establishing a relationship with you and adding your company to our cherished list of prestige customers.